PoPP – Chapter 11 – Revolution

I was confused and disoriented after tumbling around in a revolving drum full of water and then air.  I saw many of my species revolving around as well.  At least I now know there are many of my kind.  There were many colours, styles and patterns.  I wonder why I am purple?

One good thing is we were not socks.  The poor sock species,  sometimes a pair of two went in but only one sock came out. What happens to the other sock?  I guess that is a mystery for another time.

Another side note that I have been wondering about a pair of panties versus a panty.  What does a panty look like?

Now, clean, dry and tidy, my new family and I were tucked into a cozy dark space.  Every day it seemed that one of us was pulled from the pack by our human charge.  It seems that part of our role was to be under cover and to protect our human from exposures.

I wondered about what reasoning was behind the human’s choice of colour and style?

It turns out that our human hosts were sensitive to  the energies the colours represented.  Humans are a giant network of connecting vibrations and energies.

On the simplest level, there are 7 main chakras (body energy discs that spin clock wise or counter clockwise).  Each of these disks is best augmented by a certain color (also scents, shapes, tastes etc., but for today we will talk about color).

Here is a quick guide:


Root Chakra – Connection and Grounding – Red

Sacral Chakra – Center of Creativity – Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra – Power Center – Yellow

Heart Chakra – Love, Self and Others – Green  (Some include pink for the soul)

Throat Chakra – Communication, Speaking your own Truth. – Blue

Third Eye – Intuition – Indigo or Lavender

Crown Chakra – Connection to Higher Self – Purple

By choosing a certain colour of panty the human was knowingly or instinctively choosing a colour that could potentially augment and support  a certain power centre that day.

Panties are a great way to add colour to the clothes as by our nature of being undercover, we do not have to match up with the rest of the wardrobe.  Another in-site to my purpose –  to bring supportive energy around self actualization when asked!!