PoPP – Chapter 12 – Friends

I realized that some friends are with you for a long time, some friends are with you for a short time, but you always have the perfect person in your life at the perfect time. The universe works this way.  You do not need to ever be alone, unless you choose to be.

you are not alone

In this wonderful space I was in where I had many of my own kind, it was interesting who hung around with whom and when.

On a really breezy day, I found myself hanging with others of strength and resilience.  Learning from them how to hang on when required.  They would offer tips, tools and lead by example.

Depending on the circumstances, surroundings and who was participating in this lesson with me,  I would be taught a new lesson, reminded of a lesson or value, totally shifted the way I looked at something, discovered something totally new.  It was a whole world of lessons. Every lesson, whether I judge them as good or bad, is valuable.

I have been blessed with some wonderful companions along the way.