PoPP – Chapter 14 – Monkey see, monkey do

In my travels I find myself emulating people I admire and respect, who are well spoken and seem confident.

To learn and grow, I might read a blog or article or book,  I might listen to a course, participate in on line learning. These could lead to new behaviours.  Ultimately I pick up new behaviours faster by seeing the behaviours in action.

I hear myself change as I assimilate the mannerisms of those I surround myself with.

Lessons Learned:

1- Set an example to those around you through your actions, words and deeds.

2- Surround yourself by positive, supportive, good people who can help you with positive growth.

3- Release people around you who are negative and could drag you down.  People who have “potty”mouth (i.e. use a lot of profanity), people who are mean, stingy

4- Take some time to be a positive mentor along the way – be it for a short time over over an extended relationship.  What you give out comes back to you at least 10 fold.

5- Watch what you think.  Try and replace the negative with the positive.  Be mindful of this.

6- Think about what you watch.  TV, radio, Social media can all have influence.

7- Take time to go within, meditate, contemplate.

8- Be kind to yourself and others.  We all evolve as we travel along.  Give yourself space to do so and leave room for others to do the same. Compassion paves the way to help yourself and others.

9- Check in with your mentor when you need honest feedback. Monitor your own thoughts and behaviours. Adjust your behaviours as required and repeat!  Also look at people around you who might annoy, irritate or “rub you the wrong way” they too have something to teach you.

10-   Be open and receptive. Watch for clues around you to see how you are coming across to others and  make the positive changes you need to project who you would like to be seen as. Continually strive to improve yourself and others. Changing yourself changes the world around you.

Enjoy your journey!

follow the leader