PoPP – Chapter 3 – Waste not Want Not

Strolling forward I noticed that my waist band was a bit frumpy.  Gravity was making a grab and trying to pull me to earth and leave behind some exposures.

I found a piece of string and tried to rig up a correction.  It did not work too well.

As it turned out that duct tape might not be the solution to everything after all.

What I needed to find was some elastic.  I am sure that in my past life I must have had such supplies. Surely I would not have wasted them and thrown them away.  It seems like elastic would be a staple in my world.

I did not really like turning back,  but I would move forward more effectively if I was comfortable.

I entered the dwelling I started in and YES there were appropriate materials.  I pieced myself back together.  In thinking about my upcoming journey, and what other essentials I might need, I pulled together a small back pack.

Now I could once again move forward and know I had covered the bare essentials and provided myself with some supplies for contingency.

A secured waist provided excellent coverage and comfort and all from wee scraps that could easily have become deserted or discarded.

Waste not want not was a valuable lesson for me to tuck into my repertoire!