PoPP – Chapter 6 – Those who live in glass houses…

Comprehending the expression of “Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones” became glaringly clear in my travels.

I found my judgements of others along the way were the stones I would throw at them.  I sometimes lost the compassion towards my fellow travellers.  I found it was important to understand that each traveller had a public face and a private face.  The private face is where they held their personal challenges, sorrows and issues.

The old crabby traveller was the one who just had to deal with splitting from their partner. The over zealous, over cheerful traveller hid tombs of sorrow from an abusive home life. The traveller who always wore the funky, frumpy outfits had just lost their home to fire.  The over dramatic, attention seeking traveller just found out they had a short time left on this planet.

I am turning over a new leaf and when I catch the flitter of a judgemental thought, I gently cleanse and re- invent the thought. Hanging those cleansed thoughts out to dry like a load of freshly washed laundry laundry and creating a breeze of positive change.

Just like the scent of fresh laundry, this breeze of compassion carries forward and spreads, bringing positive, healing energy into the world.

My stones are being transformed into a stunningly beautiful rock garden and I am throwing less and less hurtful projectiles out into the world.

It will take practice and persistence, but I know it will make my journey more successful and powerful.