PoPP – Chapter 7 – Do unto Others

In my travels I have found that the universe works on reciprocity.  What you hand out, you get back.

If you take the time to help others, coach, mentor, practice random acts of kindness,  that positive energy will find its way back to you.  It may not be from whom you expect or in a form you expect just leave  yourself open to possibility over the course of  your journey. I have found myself to be more often than not, pleasantly surprised.

I have found that what I think about the most, tends to show up.  It is important to surround your self with positive supportive energy.  I found that when I was around energy based on fear and lack,  that is what I thought about, and that is was I attracted.

In my journey I slowly shifted to surrounding myself with a more positive flow. That is what I thought about and that is what I attracted. My journey is much more enjoyable now!

When you change what you read, what you watch, what you talk about, what you listen to, what you participate in – essentially the overall energy and environment that you immerse yourself in,  your life will head in that direction.