Brain Craze versus Mindfulness

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The obvious becomes less obvious with time, distractions and distance!  Memories do change. People shift consciously and unconsciously.

Different people at the same meeting can remember discussions and decisions differently.  This can lead to stress and strife. People head out with good intentions but may not end up marching to a unified tune unless reminded what that tune is. You might not remember what you think it is. This is a good reason to make note of things and keep those note somewhere nicely filed and accessible.  In project world this would require a good RAID log stored in a central repository.

Try and live by the ideal of “A place for everything and everything in its place.” I wonder how much time is spent searching for misplaced items? I am not saying a everyone must have a pristine space as everyone has a personal style. Just have your own sense of “place”. I am sure some things will occasionally be misplaced but if you practice being mindful of where you want to put things and discipline yourself to that, I am sure you will free up hours of your life and reduce stress.

If the space around you is cleaner, more mapped and more organized your mind will be too

You might not remember where you put it, or exactly what was said by whom when, but you will have a better chance of finding it by practicing the art of mindfulness.

A Positive start for a positive day

I find that there are some simple habits you can create as part of your morning ritual to create a positive day for yourself.

1- When you get up, take a moment to give thanks for something.  It does not have to be huge, just a little crack to allow positive energy to start seeping in.

2- Brush your teeth, take your shower,  good hygiene start up habits contribute to your body’s wake up cycle. (plus your smile is better and are more pleasant to be around).

3- Have a nice warm lemon and water before you eat or drink anything else.  This is known to help cleanse the liver and remove toxins.

4- Pat a dog  (or two) or other animal of choice.  Do not recommend patting wild animals.  It has been shown that contact with  dogs/ cats is soothing, lower’s blood pressure and reduces stress.

5- Take a look around and see what mother nature has to offer this fine day.  A flower in bloom, a tree waving in the breeze, a twittering bird….   all inspiring, nature at it’s best.

6- Have a good, balanced breakfast.  Your body, you choose :-).

7- Feed your creativity …  write, read, game,  meditate, exercise,  whatever  delights you.  Taking a few minutes in the morning goes a long way.