Sometime my inspirations astound me.  I am going to attempt to collect what I call my Joannisms, in this blog.  Come back often to see what my brain has brought back to land 🙂

July 2015-

Forest or the trees?  You need both. One gives the vision and form;  One gives the individual resources to execute the form and vision .  Joannism

Chicken or the egg?  Which came first does not really matter.  You just need to know when to use what for what 🙂  Joannism

Stay true to yourSelf!  You know who you are, what makes you happy and what motivates you at any one time!!  Joannism

It is one thing to want something in your life and another to manifest it. Be clear in your thinking on what you need, want, desire to show up in the here and now.  Joannism

Bright colours can help your spirit overcome a dreary day! Jewellery can have a soul impacting effect!! Joannism

Things do not go any faster when you are impatient. Impatience does lead to stress and increased errors in judgement. Joannism

Acting and moving forward is better than remembering and not.  Joannism

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence…  that is because they pull the weeds, fertilize and water.  If you do that for your own grass,  it too will be green and lush.  Make sure you do the same for yourSelf!  Joanneism

Twitter version: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence because they look after it.  Make sure you do the same for yourSelf!  Joanneism

Advice: Enjoy what is around you. Take time to breath, stretch, observe, meditate, read, be creative, nurture yourSelf and others. Joanneism

Celebrate! Who you were, who you are and who you are yet to be!  Joannism

What did pre-historic man think? “Hey let’s make this easier”and developed the wheel.  Be creative and look for ways to be inventive & improve your world!!  Let your human nature out to exercise. Joanneism

Twitter: Be creative and look for ways to be inventive & improve your world!!  Let your human nature out to exercise. Joanneism

June 2015

Take quiet time to  hear and to act upon Universal messages that are flowing to you always.  Ask and receive. Joannism

We are the centres of our own universe.  We just need to practice empathy where and as we intersect with other universes. Listen carefully in the silence and be guided!  Joannism

One size fits all? Just like a learning style,  work styles are unique.  What is suitable and productive for one,  may not be for another.  Joannism

Mind over matter-  if you don’t mind, it does not matter.  Joannism

Put custom into customer service.  Joannism

Why does the light bulb go on i.e. “eureka moments” more often in the middle of the night?  Joannism

May 2015

Forgetting faster than learning, I wonder if it’s a sign of being over the hill or going over the hill  while tobogganing?  Joannism

I have an excellent memory although it may not recall exactly when I want it to.  Joannism (revised,  I have been using this for many years)


April 2015

See PoPP(Peril of the Purple Panties) series

March 2015

We are doing an awful lot on the fly… hope all of the eggs we are juggling stay in the air or else egg on the face it will be!


Nov 2014

We are being paid for our brains, not our beauty, else we could just sit here and look pretty Joannism


A Positive start for a positive day

I find that there are some simple habits you can create as part of your morning ritual to create a positive day for yourself.

1- When you get up, take a moment to give thanks for something.  It does not have to be huge, just a little crack to allow positive energy to start seeping in.

2- Brush your teeth, take your shower,  good hygiene start up habits contribute to your body’s wake up cycle. (plus your smile is better and are more pleasant to be around).

3- Have a nice warm lemon and water before you eat or drink anything else.  This is known to help cleanse the liver and remove toxins.

4- Pat a dog  (or two) or other animal of choice.  Do not recommend patting wild animals.  It has been shown that contact with  dogs/ cats is soothing, lower’s blood pressure and reduces stress.

5- Take a look around and see what mother nature has to offer this fine day.  A flower in bloom, a tree waving in the breeze, a twittering bird….   all inspiring, nature at it’s best.

6- Have a good, balanced breakfast.  Your body, you choose :-).

7- Feed your creativity …  write, read, game,  meditate, exercise,  whatever  delights you.  Taking a few minutes in the morning goes a long way.