Chapter 20 – PoPP – Putting the Custom back into Customer Service

We are not all the same.  That  is stating the obvious.

When organizations are delivering products, services, education, why do most  take more of a cookie cutter approach rather than delivering specific value for the individual they are delivering to?

A custom touch to the delivery will  provide a positive customer experience.  If a customer feels they have been listened to  and understood, they will develop into a happier customer who can become a stellar ambassador. A customer who received what they are looking for,  will  let their friends know about it.  Those who do not receive a positive experience will spread the word to the world.

Sometimes the delivery organization/ person may not be able to totally match what they can provide with the customer wants.  It is still important to provide the value that can be added at that time and make sure the customer knows that the shortfall has been noted (and DO make note and pass it on to the appropriate resource).  Communicate honestly with the client on what can and cannot deliver.

The best organizations take these delivery shortfalls seriously.They ensure there is a mechanism to capture these ideas which can be gold mines for future improvements and innovations.  Even better, they get back to the requesting customer(s) when there is a solution in place to deliver the requested value.

Whether your customer is internal to your organization, external, a peer, vendor,  executive or other stakeholder … Add the “Custom” back into Customer Service and gain loyal, life time relationships with your customers and clients.