PoPP – Chapter 15 – Continuous Improvement

You hear many movies, articles, speakers and media make life references to “circles”. Circles have no beginning or end.

I like to think life as more like a series of continuous joined spirals. You finish one level of a spiral’s ring and you move up to the next, often learning things you have tackled before but at a higher level.

Sometimes the next level is harder, sometimes it is easier.

Our lives are really a series of continuous improvements.

For instance, on Level 1 of the spiral, if I tell a lie, it comes back and causes me grief. I learn next round that it is hard to remember a lie, next round I learn that if I am honest I do not have to have a good memory and life is a lot less stressed.

We have many of these lessons spiralling around at any one time.  Sometimes it can make your head spin.  If that happens, remember to take a deep breath and stay calm. Reach out to a coach or friend if you need some help getting clarity.  Most important, remember that all lessons will eventually spiral away.