PoPP – Chapter 13 – Alone but not Lonely

I have found during my journey that the times I am alone, I do not feel lonely.  In fact, I like my own company.

If I feel the need for contact, I can always reach out.

I have learned that I need quiet time.  It is time for me to meditate more, contemplate more, create more, play more and overall re-charge my batteries.  I allow the universal energies to flow though me and around me, unencumbered.  I am at my most creative yet focused and productive.

Rounding everyone up into one place and trying to get  them to function in the same way is not the most effective.  This is similar in concept to trying to get everyone  to  learn in the same way.  Some are visual, some are auditory, some are tactile, some are very scent influenced, some are social an some are not, some are hands on… most of us are a combination with a dominant style.

If we learned to respect and accept each others differences we would be in a better position to allow each to be at their best. We would thereby get the most out of each individual while also meeting their social, physical and creative needs.

True work-Life Balance does not need to mean a separation of the two but a gentle blending by using the best environment for each individual in each circumstance.

We all have our own styles, our own “colour”.