A Positive start for a positive day

I find that there are some simple habits you can create as part of your morning ritual to create a positive day for yourself.

1- When you get up, take a moment to give thanks for something.  It does not have to be huge, just a little crack to allow positive energy to start seeping in.

2- Brush your teeth, take your shower,  good hygiene start up habits contribute to your body’s wake up cycle. (plus your smile is better and are more pleasant to be around).

3- Have a nice warm lemon and water before you eat or drink anything else.  This is known to help cleanse the liver and remove toxins.

4- Pat a dog  (or two) or other animal of choice.  Do not recommend patting wild animals.  It has been shown that contact with  dogs/ cats is soothing, lower’s blood pressure and reduces stress.

5- Take a look around and see what mother nature has to offer this fine day.  A flower in bloom, a tree waving in the breeze, a twittering bird….   all inspiring, nature at it’s best.

6- Have a good, balanced breakfast.  Your body, you choose :-).

7- Feed your creativity …  write, read, game,  meditate, exercise,  whatever  delights you.  Taking a few minutes in the morning goes a long way.